About OAS CAHPS Mode Experiment

In support of the voluntary national reporting program for the OAS CAHPS survey, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is interested in investigating the feasibility of offering the survey using a Web-based format (see 82 FR 59216). As part of the investigation, CMS has designed a mode experiment to assess the impact of adding Web-based survey administration. This mode experiment will test five administration modes with patients who receive outpatient surgical care: mail only, telephone only, web only, web with mail follow-up and web with a telephone follow-up. The mode experiment is planned for the Spring of 2019.

Recruiting for the mode experiment begins in January 2019. The sample will be comprised of HOPDs and ASCs. CMS encourages selected HOPDs and ASCs to participate in the mode experiment. Benefits to participating:

  • Provides an opportunity to understand patients' experiences in an HOPD or ASC and to learn how patients view the quality of care provided.
  • Survey findings will identify areas for improvement.
  • CMS will cover the costs of implementing the Web mode experiment survey, including sampling, data collection, and preparing a summary of results.
  • At the conclusion of the study, participants will be provided with frequencies of survey responses for their facility and de-identified frequencies for all participating HOPDs and ASCs.

For more information about participating in the mode experiment click on the FAQs for HOPDs and ASCs link or contact or 1-866-590-7468.